Presenting at SVG Open 2009: Workshop on Raphaël JS

We were accepted! Here is our finished abstract, also available on the SVG Open 2009 workshop page:

Dmitry Baranovskiy - -
Samuel Clay - -

The power of web browsers has reached the point when it is easy to use native vector graphics without any 3rd party plugins and installs. In this session, we will discover how to build rich graphics in your web app using Raphal ( JavaScript vector library, the features Raphal provides, and walk through how to apply these features into a fully built module.

This course will cover a number of features ranging in complexity from basic layout to event-driven interaction. The module will be a moderately complex application consisting of parts SVG, Javascript, jQuery, and HTML. While Javascript experience is expected, it is not necessary, considering the syntax of Javascript in this capacity is not far different than many other languages.

The module, which will be used to demonstrate a number of techniques in creating both interactive and layered elements in SVG, will be sufficiently advanced as to cover many topics, but so in-depth that it cannot be built entirely from scratch in the time allotted for the course--including time used for demonstrating Raphal.

The 150 minute course will consist of 3 parts, with questions taken throughout:

There is a time buffer built into each part, and if there is extra time, we will be prepared to discuss:

For each section of the course, we plan to discuss:

The flow of this walk-through course will be aligned with the building of the module, where we will start with a empty file and progress over each step used in creating the overall effect and feel of the finished widget. Each piece of the widget puzzle will be complemented with a demonstration of the incremental improvement. At the end of the course, a complete module, with all of its pieces, will be fully functional and fully explained. Participants will also have all of these Raphal resources to use in their own SVG projects.