Powered by Kevin Fricovsky's django-mingus

Since 1999 I have had a presence on the web. I bought conesus.com back then and used it to link to projects, code samples, writings, and photographs. I now own conesus.com, samuelclay.com, and ofbrooklyn.com, all of which now serve different purposes.

My primary blog platform has been a hand-coded blog engine called SunRayLab that I used for ofbrooklyn.com for the past three years. It’s time to retire it, as great as I have felt I made it. The whole caboodle is in aging PHP and the future is definitely not there.

Thanks to Kevin Fricofsky’s hard work, I have django-mingus to use for a blog. It combines a few dozen different django applications with a minimal amount of glue. Surprisingly, everything hums along nicely and Kevin listens and acts quickly, so I have faith in the future of this platform, for once.

It is humbling to take down my old creations, but it also signifies a maturity inherent in code obsolescence. Code ages, much like a house. If you don’t take care of it and upgrade it with working utilities, then it will begin to crumble. Whether the water main breaks (perhaps you upgraded a dependency elsewhere on your server and the new version breaks your current code), or the appliances are no longer shiny and clean (and you want code highlighting in your blog platform, but that requires a lot of tangentially work that cascades into more work quicker than you can say ‘enough’).

My goal is to post code, help others in a way similar to how I have been helped by developers posting tidbits, tutorials, and findings. I plan to write an occasionally essay, since I tend to disagree with opinions fairly often and want something to show for my trouble. I may even post photos.

The future is bright and my fingers are not yet tired.